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Our Process

Home Exterior

First impressions

Depending on the scope of your project, we schedule a meeting with you at your site or at our showroom. We do our best to get to understand your wants and needs of your project. If at your site, we may be able to measure and provide a preliminary 3D model of a potential design.

Architecture Illustration

Design & Proposal

By our second meeting, we will provide you a preliminary design and dial in a targeted budget for your project and potential timelines. We take pride in providing you a transparent breakdown in costs so you can make an informed and confident decision.

Interior Designer


At this stage, we work together to finalize your design and begin the material gathering process and obtaining any and all permits required. This stage is critical in our partnership. We will begin to identify dates and benchmarks for a successful project and avoid cost overruns and delays.

Wood Frame of House

Project Inception

At this phase of your project, we have all of the construction stages forecasted and scheduled. We begin with deconstruction discovery and provide you with information every step of the way. We work together hand in hand to make informed decisions if issues like hidden damages or when unforeseen construction anomalies come up.

Home Construction

Project Progress

During the project production, we will have various phases. Don't worry, we will walk you through all of the parts of doing a project. This is a critical phase of our partnership. We will provide you with real time updates of the construction progress and seek real time feedback in return from you to make sure you are confident of the project progress.

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen

Project Completion and Delivery

Final phase of your project. At this stage, we get to take your project to the next level with final touches and personalized details like smart technology and unique touches specific to your day-to-day use of the space. Before delivery of your project, we provide a professional deep clean of the space to make sure your home is ready for your use.

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